Calliope project

Calliope project (Spring 2013 ~ present)

  • Representing geographic information of Los Angeles County, CA using music and graphic design
  • Prototype application development with Sunook Park in School of Art, CSULB, 3 undergraduate students in graphic design major from Art 420, and 4 undergraduate/graduate students in geography major from GEOG 484/584 course (Spring 2013)
  • Inside CSULB (May 1, 2014): “A Calliope Collaboration”: interview (
  • Web-based application development with Michael Shensky, geography, CSULB and 8 graduate students in Master of Science in GIScience Program, CSULB (Fall 2014~Spring 2015)

RElative MOtion (REMO) analysis of Samba

RElative MOtion (REMO) analysis of Samba (Fall 2012 ~ Spring 2013)

  • Spatio-temporal analyses and visualization of 3 samba dancers’ movements
  • With Seyed Hossein Chavoshi and other colleagues at Department of Geography, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium and Ola Ahlqvist at Department of Geography, The Ohio State University
  • Inside CSULB (July 15, 2014): “The Science Of Samba”: interview (

The Synchronous Objects project

The Synchronous Objects project (Fall 2008~Spring 2009)